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i am new to lure making havent even made 1 lure working on a popper figured i would put a simple color pattern on it white/ black back :D .can anyone help me with a bluegill and rainbow trout pattern???


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Here's my Rainbow Trout pattern:

1. Make lure body, pre-drill the holes and undercoat it.

2. Brush paint it yellow.

3. Sides are pink, brushed on.

4. Using a stencil made from a plastic coated playing card, spray paint the head green.

5. Spray the back green.

6. Use a toothpick to make the black dots and red gills.

7. Insert eyes.

8. Clear coat, twice.

9. Assemble the lure.

10 Go fishing!

It may not be a true to life RBT, but the fish seem to like it.


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