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CrawChuck    0

Here's a couple of my wood plaster mold forms. The one on top is plywood sealed with Envirotex. Used a dremmel to carve my name backwards in the bottom so each mold had it. The bottom is countertop pressboard. Screws in the ends are removed to remove the cured molds. I like these because they make a mold with a flat end to stand up alone. All the plastic forms I tried had sloping edges and had to hold the molds in a box. Do ya'll think these boxes will work with RTV?


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robbor    4

Nice simple frames! You should have posted a pic of one of your molds. As for your name and number, dont they come out raised??? Any wouldnt you want the recessed??? Good job though!

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redspinlures    10

ill asnwser this one for ya.

due to it being raised in the form, the rtv/silicone will fill those spots, so the moulds from the rtv will be indented, (they'ds stack nice).

Im very impressed with your forms, good work crawchuck.

Ive been making forms using builders bog for the lure template slicing it in two and using the same method, makes it easier to relicate molds if you are making production runs.

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