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Hey it's the wood section!!! Here's a pic of my hand carved wood lures from a few years ago. The ones on the right that kinda have a knob head were turned on a lathe. There's a pigtail screw on the tail end for attaching a plastic tail and they walk like a Zara Spook. Killer on bedding fish. Called them Wooder Dogs :D


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The three on the bottom with the large lip. Is the lip part of the main body or added?

Main body. Those run about 3-5 ft deep.

Curious thing about all the lures except for the Wooder Dogs. I've caught more quality fish on the plain wood (not painted) lures. When you sand smooth and apply a finish put it in the light, move it around and see what it does. Kinda changes color somehow and I think has something to do with it. That one on the right with three hooks and red eye...plain walnut and suspends quite well. I caught 5 bass over 5 lbs. the first time out just to check the action. It was a cold day in February and I was very pleasantly shocked to catch that kind of fish in 30 minutes in an ordinarily hard pond. It's a clear shale pit where I test all my new lures and usually is very hard to get bit in the middle of the day.

I used to have alot more but have given them away as gifts over the years. Might make some more someday. :D

Used to work in a refrigerator factory where I loaded doors on a conveyor and would whittle out small figures in between doors and stops in the line. This guy had been watching and looking at some of the stuff and asked if I could make a fishing lure. I had already been making soft plastics but never thought to make a wood bait so I said I would try and he brought in a Rogue for me to look at. He said he'd pay $5 for it so it was done in a few days and he handed me a $10 and asked for another so I did that one too. They were red cedar with some white mixed in and had spinner bait blades for the lip. The next week him and his buddy won a Oklahoma Team Tournament on Broken Bow Lake and his buddy would not give him the lure back and thus started a rush of wood lures till I got too busy with the craws. Probably made a couple hundred of them and alot of them caught fish. Then there were the few special ones that seemed like magic. Don't know why they were so good but you never know with wood how it's going to run.

I've been offered alot of money for my walnut way :grin:

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