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Lure action or paint job?

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#21 MaddoxBay



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Posted 08 March 2006 - 12:40 PM

Nice post Blades, I wish I knew the answer :?:

#22 fatfingers


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Posted 08 March 2006 - 01:01 PM

I agree with Blades that the question cannot be simplified to an either/or answer.

In addition to size/color//action, a fourth variable is retrieve, which can be subdivided into speed and pause rate between rips, pulls, or jerks. In other words, two fisherman with the same bait can see dramatically different results depending upon retrieve methods.

If you've done any ice fishing, you're probably witnessed the retrieve difference bigtime. Jigging is sort of an art form and those that get good at can catch fish when all others are scratching their heads wondering where the fish went. In fact, there are times when the retrieve can be more important than size, color, or action, to a high degree. In other words, if it rips, pops, sputters, pauses, bounces off the rocks, or otherwise makes a wrong move, it gets eaten, if the fish are in the right mood.

Finally, I've seen days of smallmouth fishing where you could throw your shoe in the water, and they'd hit it. Almost nothing was off limits, they were chewing anything that moved.

Like Blades says, who knows?

#23 cranker



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Posted 08 March 2006 - 02:47 PM

I totally agree with most here that it dont matter what color you are throwing if its not the rite size bait with the rite action for that particular day.I am a firm beleiver that action means everything but I can also tell you that when you are fishing waters that need to be stained pretty well to turn on the bass such as the lakes here in north Alabama, that on any given day you can give two guys the exact same crankbait but one painted in some of the brite and traditional colors for spotted bass and the other painted any other color variation you can come up with and the guy using the brite chartreuse or white colors will win pretty regularly.so in certain conditions if you under estimate the importance of color you just may have a long boring day!

#24 muskydan666



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Posted 09 March 2006 - 01:44 AM

Hi guys,
Very interesting topic!I am pretty sure that action is the most important thing BUT!!!It is not always the action that is good looking for us the fisherman that matter the most!?It's the vibration that it will produce!For a example:The very commercial lures like a swim wizz have is unique vibration,almost all the musky fisherman have a swimwizz in is tackle box!the fish will get used to a particular vibration and will no longer be attracted to it!or very little,I think that custom made bait whit a unique action and vibration whit a good color pattern for the condition and type of water that you are fishing is a good way to catch more fish!!!! :wink: but that's what I think,doesn't mean that I am rite :? :?


#25 RangerZ



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Posted 09 March 2006 - 09:44 AM

My 2 cents would be primarily action and then color. Here on the Potomac we catch alot of fish in the Spring on Rat-L-Traps. However it seems that until you get some of the paint worn off they don't perform nearly as well. Maybe I should start painting some Chrome/Bone/Blue ones. :D Super sexy paint jobs are great to look at and a testament to skill that some people have, but unless you are throwing a slow moving suspending jerkbait, all that fine detail is lost on the fish. A good example is spinnerbaits. I have seen guys stare at the finish on the head and not even consider the shape of the head which has a lot to do with how it is going to come thru cover. Bottomline, action is largely for the fish and paint is largely for the fisherman.

#26 michael merrill

michael merrill


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Posted 09 March 2006 - 05:40 PM

Hey Fellas,

Interesting discussion that is ancient but continues to be a thought provoking notion to many in the fishing world.With so many supporting facts for hypothesis,who could surely know.I truly believe that color, conditions,action, and a host of other variables play a part in the answer.Generally speaking I believe that the casting placement and presentation coupled with the lures action,(whether imparted by the user or "straight from the factory"),is what first attracts the fish.After the fish decides to go after the treat it makes its "mind" up while in route to eat the offering.In a split second it eats or turns away,depending on the negative signals it processes.That is when color makes a difference at times.I pick topwater colors more carefully,and I have read studies that show color changing dramatically the deeper the lure goes.So,a lure color looks much different in say two feet of water than fifteen.Hey, but I only have six to eight confidence patterns that get 90 percent of my line time.

#27 scoop10



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Posted 10 March 2006 - 11:02 AM

I've had similar experiences to Ranger Zs regarding a trap. A buddy and I actually used to nick 'em up when we took them out of the pack and then beat em on the water a lot during the first few casts to knock some of the paint off of them.

I think we all know that some colors work better than others under certain light and water conditions, and custom painters are certainly taking advantage of the prevalent view that fish become conditioned over time to baits and colors.

I also agree with whoever made the statement about size. It's something that a lot of people don't pay enough attention to, and the lure manufacturers are definitely set on producing lures in a few standard sizes. My fishing partner and I took a decent check in series championship last fall fishing lures so small that they'd blow your mind, catching 3lb. bass on them when they wouldn't touch anything else. I've seen 10 lb bass caught on 18" worms as thick as your thumb.

Bottom-line: It's all important.

As for Blades' quiz, if the water was reasonably clear in those lakes, I'd guess that blue-back bait. That craw color is nice, but to be honest and no offense intended, I'd be surprised if it outfished the factory color by such a wide margin. And if it did, I would also be suspicious that there was something in the action of the bait. That blue-back bait, though, is sweet and has some substantial differences from similar factory colors. Of course, I could be completely off base and it's the chartruse bait.

#28 Snidley


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Posted 13 March 2006 - 10:13 PM

I not only think it's action number one I would say that it's also the material that causes that action number 1A. As an example Balsawood baits will consistently outperform plastic baits even when the action is the same. Example, Rapala Fat Rap vs Rapala Glass Fat Rap. The Balsa Fat Rap will virtually always boat more fish(Bass) than the plastic Glass Fat Rap. They have the same action though. Then colour comes into it . Depending on water clarity and the species being sought after of course. Depth plays a major role as well. There's lots of times when fish won't hit anything over their heads and other days when they won't dive down for anything. They will always hit somthing that runs right by them lol. Bottom line if we are talking about maxing out on our angling opportunity lots of factors figure in including changing up when they catch on to your bait, but for my money a highly visible Rapala Shallow Fat Rap in Orange /Gold or Chartruse/Pearl will catch fish and catch them all day in gin clear or coffee mud coloured water and for sure with that lure it's the action that makes it the best Bass bait ever. Snidley