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Duel Jig Minnow, Lucky Craft Wander

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anyone here tried making baits like those? what lures are they classified under? gliders? twitchbaits? thanx a heap

From their site.

The Wander is unique among hard plastic baits. It is in a class by itself called a stickbait. Offhand, I can't think of another hard plastic stickbait out there although several soft plastic stickbaits come to mind - the Zoom Fluke, Bass Assassin and Gary Yamamoto's Senko. The Wander does what these softies do - except the Wander doesn't tear apart and of course, has trebles.

Cast the Wander out, and simply retrieve it slowly on a semi-tight line. True to its name, the Wander will amble and wander back, dallying from side to side instead of a straight line. The first cast I ever made with one, watching it wander back in, a big bass whacked it! Throw in a little rod twitch, jerk it or rip it, and watch the Wander do essentially the same as you'd expect from a Fluke, Bass Assassin or other soft stickbait. Yes you can walk the dog underwater with it if you set up a cadence to do that; or just twitch and jerk it irregularly and let it pause to sink helplessly between jerks. That's usually how to work soft stickbaits - with irregular pops and pauses, which works great with the Wander also.

When you pause the retrieve, just like the venerable Yamamoto Senko, the Wander will sink slowly, rocking, shifting, shimmying its body as it falls perfectly horizontally.

There's one other tactic that's deadliest with the larger Wander 95 model. Keep it skipping and scooting right on the surface in a frantic topwater presentation. The speed and splashiness of the presentation gets fish to react instinctively. This is about the fastest, purest form of reaction bait fishing you can ever hope to try.

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thanx husky for the detailed explanation, and from that, i could decipher that u were amazed by the wander as well! thanx again!

i'm trying to make one out of wood. i managed to see the weighting of the lure, thanx to the ghost patterned one. working on it to sink horizontally now. takin up some time here...

the jig minnow by duel, on the other hand...has a softer, rubbery body ala LiveBait series. and the weight placement is a single piece of flattened weight that runs about 3/4th of it's body length.

the tough part now is to estimate the amount of weight needed, the sinking posture & rate and pray that it works. hehehehhehe.....

thanx again

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