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Painting tips and technequis

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I'm wondering if theres any advanced painting tips anyone can offer. So far I'm painting through mesh netting and a comb with good results but Im growing board and looking for some advanced tips.

I've tried making a templet out of a plastic milk container. The templet was for gills but didnt turn out that well. Basicaly I drew some gills cut them out with a razor then laid the templet on top of the lure and painted.

Any tips would be much apreciated.

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Wantsome' date=' what type paint are you using?

Thanks, Blades[/quote']

I'm using createx. Basicaly I use a white basecoat and wht prl all. Then spay the belly (chat. yellow), then the back with netting (pearl green), then do another color over the netting (prl blue), then a comb last (wht/green mix) . I'm getting some decent results this way but I'm looking to try something new.

I've been mixing alot of colors and stuff but when it comes to spraying techniques I've reached a dead end. I've thought about getting some extender and retarder but not quite sure how to use them.

BTW Blades I admire your work. especialy sunny side up it was my insperation for getting an airbrush. I plan on getting a paint booth and swicthing to laquers when I straiten my finances out.

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Wantsome,first off thanks for the nice comments!

I really wish I could offer some painting tips but I just am not the guy when it comes to createx. I am in no way knocking createx either.It's just that I have never had satisfying results given my style and techneque of painting.

There are many here that can paint rings around me with ctex.

If you ever get around to painting with alcohol or lacquer let me know!

As for a gill stencil try this:

Get a piece of 25 pound paper.(typical of resume' paper)

Lay the bait on the paper and trace an outline of the bait

Decide where you want to place the gill

Take a #1 Colorado Blade and a #2 colorado blade (spinnerbait blade)The same sizes in indianna blades work good as well.

Use these blades as a guide to cut the gill out(meaning use them as a guide for the exacto knife)

Cut the paper out so that it is slightly larger (in a rectangle) than the bait

Figure out a way to mark the paper so you can alighn it properly on the bait.

Using the small spinnerbait as a guide will keep your cut out lines crisp.

Even though this stencil is paper,it will last a long time before the paint build up causes a problem.

For Mylar(sp) stencils:

Sharpen the stencil burner tip to a needle point and reapeat the same process.Use the c-blades as a guide for hot stencil cutter tip.Works like a champ. It just takes practice.

Good luck!


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I have found quite a bit of information from looking at nature websites, and fish carving websites, as well as from some airbrushing techniques and guides, many are available if you look on the internet.

I did see a rubber scale applicator available on oneof the carving websites, and if your interested in using some other sool stuff look into printing foils, e.g. foil stamping as these can be added before hand using a heat source.

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Cool thx for the tip never thought about using spinner blades. I have tons of them laying around.

I tried to free hand cut a gill out of a milk jug with a razor, turned out like crap.

I would like to give printing foil a try but my printer is 10 years old and dont do detial very well.

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