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some new pics

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Good looking bunch of baits!!

I really like the natural red craw.

Are those Stamina crank bodies??


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Couple of answers:

1) foil on that purple/chart bait is a chartreuse colored foil from Reynolds (craft stores in the scrapbook section). You can paint the body and then wrap a transparent mylar foil over the the mylar wrapped baits.

Note: the foiled baits look a little "wrinkled" in the pics...those wrinkles are in the foil, under the clearcoat. Surface of the bait after final clearcoat is smooth and slick.

2) the "bandit" bodies are the 3" med divers from stamina, canalso buy in bulk from a couple of places. The "wart-a-like" bodies are imports, and are not original warts, but almost impossible to tell the difference. They fish just like the old warts. There also some shallow fat baits, and some N's (from janns).

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