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I'm just starting out making lures and alot of my questions have already been answered by searching here.This site has a wealth of information.I dont plan on getting started until I have everything.I plan on pouring split-shot,buzzbaits and spinnerbaits.Will a Hot Pot-2 be adequate or should I use a lead pot and ladle over a propane stove?Also for the split-shot mold I see there is a blade I can buy.Does anyone know what this is for or is it for trimming excess lead?

I also plan on painting crankbaits and just bought a Badger Anthem 155.Should I buy more than 1 gun?I have plans to make a work station/booth and a rotisserie dryer.What are the little things I might need to make things easier and for my shop set-up(paper towels,plastic bottles,etc)

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The "blade" for the split shot mold is actually used in the mold for making the split. I would get the Hot pot, I pour about everything with it now except crappie size jigs. I wouldn't use the propane stove. That's an accident waiting to happen and believe me you don't want hot lead flying everywhere. Just from experiance. Make sure to wear some leather gloves also just to protect your hands from spills, good tip from the lead flying everywhere problem. You can still get some "accidental" overflows while pouring. Try to pour over a hard surface. I just pour outside the house on the patio just to keep the fumes out of the house and if it drips it lands on the concrete. Easy to scrape off and reuse without torching something you don't want burned.

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