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Thanks Jason, that is what I bought. Is anyone using a spray type clear coat as a protective cover before the final coat of epoxy. I am searching the threads when I can ,for a good product that will cover over scratches but not be to thick ..

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skeeter jones, I have used laquer spray over foiled and regular painted wood bodies. This was applied after the paint job but before the Devcon. Beware it can make certain types of paint run. I wouldn't try it on your favorite paint job, maybe experiment on a scrap first. Not really sure how it will work on a plastic type lure, and it might not have the same effect on all types of plastics.

Actually, I found it useful for helping create a nice effect on foil, as it caused the foil wrinkles to shed paint which pooled in the lower areas in the foil. Once it dried, I didn't have a hard time getting a good Devcon on top.

I use rattle cans, and the laquer spray was also rattle style. You can find it at wally world or other places. The one I tried was Rustoleum brand, clear laquer spray in a greenish can.

When you say "final" coat, I'm not sure if you're talking about something applied between two coats of epoxy, or before the only Devcon (and therefore final) topcoat. I don't think you'd need anything between two coats of Devcon. If you have small scratches on a first coat, the second coat should fill them in and it will look fine. My $0.02.

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