Combo Belly Weight, Hanger and Rattle

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Something I have been tinkering with, in regards to cartridge brass and rattles. I have taken .357 mag and 38 caliber brass to make a combo belly weight and rattle. With the primer knocked out of the case you can solder your brass hanger in the case, fill the case with lead for ballast and add a few bb's for rattle or add a round peice of lead of desired weight for the particular bait and the entire weight is used for an LOUD rattle.


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RangerZ: It doesn't take long once you have the componets ready some where around 5 minutes, I really don't know. I originally was going to use a reloading press and a sage to produce the actual weight to insert in the case. With a reloading tools you could make them quick! With a modifyed swage you could make a lead slug that would be the correct diameter, using the press to seat the lead in the case.

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