super secret test facility nearing completion!

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jigmeister    0

I have alway dreamed of having my very own test tank set up for experimenting with lure designs . OK actually I'm getting a swimming pool installed and the wife and daughter won't be in it all the time so I can try out some lure ideas . maybe some day I can get a digital video camera and post some movie clips of lures I've made (that would be cool) . My new cell phone will do some video clips so maybe that will would work (I'll have to ask my teenaged daughter to see cause I don't know yet ?) Got a few new lures I have been dreaming of making so once I get the yard put back together we'll see what happens................Jigmeister

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CrawChuck    0

That will be cool to have. All I have is a shale pit. The water is crystal clear but now it's full of hydrilla! Good for testing in the winter though. Maybe I could borrow the neighbor's pool!

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