Drilling tip for wood bodies

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Hi Guys. I'm a lurker who has learned a lot from the site and would now like to offer a tip. How many have cursed a drill bit that wants to dance all over the bait? How many have snapped tiny bits like twigs?

Try this -- you can use a long skinny finish nail instead of a drill bit. A whole box probably costs less than one bit. If the head of the nail interferes with chucking, snip it off with wire cutters. You can actually push the point of the nail into the wood before drilling for precise placement. Don't worry that the nail is not fluted. Sometimes fluted bits pull deeper than you want anyway. With nails you can often drill all the way for a through-wire if you don't want to go through the hassle of splitting and glueing.

Also, you can unchuck the nail while it is still buried in the lure and you have a ready-made gripping point for pliers while you spray or dip the bait.

This is the technique I use for all screw eyes. I seem to get a tighter hole with the precise depth I desire. Hope this helps.

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hi i have been using wire instead of drill bits for years. your dead on those tiny bits break quite easily

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