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kbkindle here glad to see tu back up i was about to have a heart attack. question in making wood crankbaits i have been useing mostly basswood and a little cedar and balsa but most basswood if i use a polyurathane sealer( by the way what is the best brand) wipe a couple coats on and then paint with waterbase createx paint and top coat with devcon. what if after i put sealer on i see a flaw little tiny hole or scratches in lure and want to make it a perfect as i can is there a sanding primer i can use that will not affect the sealer or the createx top coat could you put on a coat or two of a lacquer base primer sand and then top coat with createx. thank you and merry christmas kb kindle

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Yes, you can shoot lacquer primer over the poly by applying light coats. For spot repair or a hole you can use lacquer spot and glazing putty.

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