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FLW finds Talented Luremakers at TU !

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Posted 26 December 2006 - 06:58 PM

Hi guys... I'm the guy who worked with John on the article (Jason). I've got to clear a few avenues to allow the article to be posted on another website. Let me do that next week when I'm in the office and get back to you. Redg8r I sent you a PM.

I'm glad you guys liked the article. I hope this is just scratching the surface on custom work and maybe shedding a little more light on the fact that there is a lot more talent than anglers realize out there custom building and painting baits.

As to the problems getting the magazine on newstands I'll have to explain. Up until 2007 the magazine has been offered as a "member's benefit" with a few copies going to Wal-Mart stores that sell a lot of fishing magazines.

This year we aim to change all that... You'll start finding this magazine in a lot more outlets, Wal-Mart stores, grocery stores, etc. We plan to build this into the biggest and best publication in the business and I welcome your feedback on the magazine (good and bad) because I want you to know that I want to make a magazine that you want to read.

Thanks again fellas. I love this site and the talented people here. It was my pleasure to work with John and others for the information. I hope I did you guys justice.


Jason "gat0r" Sealock

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Posted 26 December 2006 - 11:10 PM

First of all thank you Dean for this post. I appreciate the friendship you and I share as well as the other friendships we all share at TU.

I was honored that Jason "gatOr" Sealock gave me the opportunity to have a voice in this article.
The staff at FLW truly has it's sights on continually elevating the sport of fishing of all species to the highest level possible. The January issue was a small example of bigger and better things to come. Not just the Custom Baits article but the entire Magazine.

If any of you have the opportunity to pick one up I hope you do so.
Not just for the purpose of reading the article I contributed to, but for the other great information and articles.The magazine has taken on a new face and has a new vision.

Iv'e said it before and I say it again.
This site is compiled of some of the best Lure Makers in the world as well as the most information to help others get started.

Many of us come here not only to learn, but also to be in the company of others who share the same passion.

Before I came to TU I had become complacent(sp) with what I was doing with lures. Joining TU fueled the fire for me once again and all of you encouraged me to try and take what I do to another level!
I appreciate this more than you will ever know.

For every one of us here at TU that feel we are at the top of our game. There are two more out there who dont even own a computer that are just as good or better.We should never loose site of that!

Thanks again Jason,Chris and Will T. You guys are "Top Shelf"

JT Prior (bladesandbaits)

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Posted 27 December 2006 - 08:42 AM

Hey Guys, Wal Mart does carry the FLW Magazine.I hit two stores before I found one that had a copy in stock, but it was well worth the trip. I would like to say congrats to all the guys mentioned in the article as it was your hard work and dedication to the art that led to TU being recognized as the premiere tackle building site. It's good to see each of you given credit for your efforts. Good Luck, Joe