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I make mostly saltwater baits for Striped Bass but I don't see why this wouldn't work on smaller baits.

I use annealed s/s wire .051 that comes on a roll. My bait is drilled through with an 1/8" hole from nose to tail. I do my through drilling on the lathe. The belly hole is 1/4" and intersects the other hole.


I make a long nose loop.


I have a hook made from stiff welding wire that I insert in the belly hole. I run the wire though the bait and the hook.


I insert something to keep the nose loop from pulling through, in this case I used a small allen key. Then grab the hook with a pair of pliers and pull the wire out for you belly hook hanger.


I then mark where I want the wire to end up inside the bait and cut wire there.


Then with a pair of round jaw pliers I run the wire back through the bait and clean up the belly hanger and tail loop with the round jaw pliers.


Then epoxy your nose loop, belly hanger, and tail loop. I have not had one pull out yet although I have not had anything of sustantial size on a bait done this way.

This is what I end up with.wire_013.jpg

I hope this helps.

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Very nicely done. I know a guy that makes Musky baits similar to that and nothing ever pulls out. Great tutorial.


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