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I received a new Iwata eclipse for Christmas but I've always had Paasche brushes. Is there alot of difference in the breakdown for cleaning and any thing to watch for? Also the .035 needle and tip are optional should I get them?

thanks Stacey

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Yes....congratulations, you now own a real airbrush.

The following information I received from the Iwata maintenance folks in Portland, Oregon.

1. Don't use any harsh solvents on it........this will ruin the internal seals.

2. There are three seperate pieces on the front that are threaded. Under all of those is a bullet-shaped piece that fits over the end of the needle, be careful of this piece.

3. When you clean the airbrush, take off the back barrel, loosen the knurled knob then carefully pull the needle out through the back. Clean off the needle being very careful not to bump the tip of the needle on anything. Now when you reassemble the brush reverse the way the needle goes in......start at the front of the brush and push it toward the back. It's done this way so that you don't accidentally damage the point of the needle while trying to push it forward. Anyway, push the needle from the front to back. Push the needle in far enough to where you can put the bullet piece back on the front and then the three remaining threaded pieces.

4. Now gently push the needle forward from the back of the brush....push just hard enough to where you feel it stop against the bullet piece........DON'T keep pushing or you will flare the bullet and ruin it.

5. I disassemble the brush every time and clean it with hot water. Once you get the needle out and all the attachments you can use small dental brushes (available at any store) or pipe cleaners to clean in further.

You will quickly get used to this brush and love it!! I ruined mine and bought something similar but wouldn't hesitate to buy another.

Good luck!


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I also use Iwata and I love it. It has a lot of latitude and allows for the application of thin coats so you can layer the paint on slowly. Actually the brush has more capacity and latitude than I do.

My brother is an airbrush artist. He paints and pinstripes for a living, mostly motorcycles and cars, but he's done planes, boats, a little of everything over the years. He uses Iwata airbrushes almost exlcusively and has even designed one particulary model in concert with the owners of the company. He has a number of them and luckily for me he keeps an inventory of replacement tips and needles on hand at all times.

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