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I just bought my first airbrush and hooked it up to a regular compressor. I'm using the braided airhose that was included but I'm not getting any pressure through this hose. I bought a 1/4 inch fitting that threads into the supplied hose coupling. What am I missing??


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Start taking things apart, starting at the brush.Take the brush off, and you should get air. If not, take the hose off the compressor, should get air out of the compressor. If you do, the trouble is in the hose. Try blowing through it. Run a small wire though it. Be carful not to poke the side of the hose to much. Did you use teflon tape on the threads? Maybe some is covering an opening. Just start looking.

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When I started I had a regular hose fed into a moisture filter that then went into the Paasche braided hose. I got nothing out of the gun. I took the moisture trap out and connected regular hose to braided hose and still had nothing. I then plugged the braided hose straight into the compressor and got nothing.

I took my 1/4" threaded fitting I put on the braided hose off and then hand tightened. It would leak air then. The problem is clearly at that 1/4" coupling on the braided hose.

The braided hose coupling has a disc that fits inside the coupling. When it was only hand tightened - it leaked out the bottom of that disc.

There has to be something at that coupling on the braided hose that I'm missing/not seeing/not getting - just don't know what it is. Directions don't have anything on it.


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