Sanding Devcon?

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Hey guys:

This site absolutely rules. I have learned so much from this site it is unreal. I need a little help...

Just curious as to what I should do regarding a wavy or uneven clearcoat. I have brushed a musky bait with devcon 2 and I was unable to get a flat clear coat finish after it cured. I applied a second coat and that helped some, but it still is not perfect. I hesitate to add another coat due to the added weight. Can I sand it down without it showing scratches?

Any advice would be much appreciated! Thanks!

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Great, thanks for the info FishPork! I am a rookie when it comes to this, so please bear with my silly questions.

1) What grit sandpaper do you recommend? Do I need to wetsand it?

2) To wipe it clean, what should I use?

3) Do I need to buff or do anything further after I wipe it clean?

Thanks a lot for the advice!


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First off, we were all rookies at one time,I have only been doin it for about a year. Ok,#1, 220 grit will get the job done, I always follow up with fine steel wool or scotchbrite pads.Never needed to wet sand. #2 Alcohol or acetone will work.#3 A easy measure to judge by is to wet a spot of the bait after sanding and it should give you an idea of what it will look like coated.Hope this helps.One more FYI,Try the search on topics alot of your answers will be there. Good luck

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