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Mark, your answer helped me alot.

The stock I intend to cut is 2 inch thick, and I think even the smallest bandsaw can fit such thickness of wood under the upper guide.

As I have a scroll saw, I know that in order to make the blade cut on a desired line, you do not have to push hard the wood into the blade, but just let the blade work as it "likes" to work.

So a wider blade is better for the job of cutting straight. That was my guess, but now I have the confirmation.

I want to buy a small bandsaw, because I intend to use it to cut out lures, as my scroll saw is very lazy. And I also want such a small bandsaw to cut through 2 inch stock, in a straight line.


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Before you buy, see if there is a nuber you can call for the manufacturer's technical person, and ask him/her about cutting the stock you have in mind.

If they don't have a tech. in-house you can talk to, check the internet for the model saw you're looking at, and see if there is anyone who has one you can talk to.

Before I bought my bandsaw, I checked with Grizzley, and found a guy who live one mile from me who had one. I called him and went by to check out his saw, and ask him all the questions I had regarding the saw.

Or you can post the question, "Who uses a table top bandsaw, and how does it perform?".

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