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gofish24    10

Im a newbie here and have been looking in the archives and for some reason cant get any of the pic's to pull up. would you guys mind posting some pic's of your setups so i can get started on mine. i figure on starting out redo'ing some of my store bought baits and may progress from there. i need to see your drying racks and any other stuff that would help keep me from making beginers mistakes.

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The LMM    10

Sometimes the best lure making tools are not made of steel. They are are made of polymer plastics. Some DUPONT polymers with KEVLAR are 10x more stronger than steel. Some lure making tools come in the form of somewhat unknown things such as INDUSTRIAL Polymers Inc. Hydrospan. Hydrospan is like having a 3d copy machine that inlarges or reduces the physical size of any original object. No expensive CNC computerized lathes or routers required. Find out more about Polymer technology in the FREE Lure Makers Magazine.

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