Painting a Crankbait 101 I NEED HELP!

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Im sorry I thought this was a website where people actually give advice to others.......Let me ask you a question.....How did you learn to paint baits????? Im sure you were a rookie once as well. So maybe instead of making jokes you could give advise.

Easy big fella. ;) If you search, (or just click on the link for 'gallery' within a post from him) you will indeed find that Rookie is quite adept at painting baits (mine was a sarcastic remark indicated by the smiley face at the end of my statement). I have never painted a bait in my life (yet).

This thread is 2 years old from it's inception. You stand a better chance of getting answers to your questions within a thread of it's own, or possibly the answer already exists. I'm absolutely certain your second question has been answered many times in many other threads.

In the end, this site is indeed for learning, commoraderie (hence the sarcastic remark), and appreciating others works and abilities. Good luck!

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Tman2 and Dunaway...

Tman2 thanks for the compliment.

Dunaway.. Tman is cool.. he wasnt making fun of my rookie ability...

Now to help you out... painting is a style.. if you asked me how I draw my name I could show you how I hold my pencil and the angle I use to write it.. but I might use more pressure than you and make darker lines.. etc.. etc. in the end your writing will look different than mine. Dean helped me the most without helping at all when I first started.. he said just do it and learn as you go.. making mistakes only helps you in the end... that is really the best way to lure how to paint. Just like video games.. when you first try it your not that good at it.. but if you keep at it and never quit it gets easier and easier.. really anything in life is like that....Most of the guys that paint really good or have another skill worked really hard to develop it.. So my best advice is.. just pick up a crankbait and paint.. if you screw it up... who cares.. be proud of your work and keep on PAINTIN!!! its only a fishing lure.. its not your wife's bedroom... :lol:.... So the best tip I could give you is if you want have a lasting relationship....get your wife her own room..!!! Keep your stuff in the garage. And you will become a much better painter!

The Rookie


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Dunaway, good advice above. Painting is not something that can really be taught in a post.

I am not a lure artist yet, although I have bought the equipment and had a few goes, just to check if it is possible. I have not reached the painting stage yet, but hope to soon.

What I have learned is that it is possible to produce something presentable fairly quickly, after a few dozen attempts, but to become a master is going to take a tad longer. Check out my gallery (it's empty!).

I can understand your consternation with the progress of this thread, but it was resurrected at the expense of the_Rookie, who has now reached the level of guru painter.

Patience, trial, experimentation and lots of error are the secret. Good luck and good reading.


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