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I was wondering if any of you know where to get brass for making your own lips for lures. I wanted to try cutting out some of my own out of brass. Would a jewelers saw do the trick?

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I use brass, mainly for prototype ballast, I find it easier to keep accurate track of how much weight I have used on a lure. I gave up using it for lips in favour of plastics, easier to work and finish. It's good for prototyping as you can easily try out diferent angles.

I get mine from large hardware stores. You pay too much but the amount that you need is fairly small.

I use 0.6mm with tin snips. It makes a mess of the edges, but it is not difficult to clean up with the dremmel. A bar of polishing compound with the buffing wheel attachment will shift all the scratches fairly quickly. If you don't have the compound, brasso works, but I wouldn't do it in the kitchen, it would be grounds for divorce. Polishing inside a plastic bag works, although mildly inconvenient.

As for using machine tools for the cutting of such small pieces, highly dangerous. Best count your fingers before you start and have a sterilised container full of ice close by. I can't advise you more than that.

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