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I am building my own balsa wood baits. I use one coat of sanding sealer followed by one caot of 2-ton then base coat with Createx opaque white. I have heard alot of people having trouble with the water based paints sticking to the 2-ton. What could I use beside the white Createx as a base coat then follow with the Createx Piants? What would stick the best?

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You can use any highly pigmented white acrylic. Apple Barrel Flat White works well thinned with water (and is cheap) but the best I've used is Translatex Cover White acrylic, which is formulated for airbrushes. It adheres very well and is smoother than Apple Barrel. I can scrub Createx off with water and the underlying Translatex basecoat will still be intact if it was flash dried with a hair dryer. Createx has its advantages but adhesion is not one of them, IMO.

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