? for lead molds

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Has anybody ever done bussiness with Hi Tech Lure Molds. I've been trying to get a hold of these people without any luck. Or maybe can anybody tell me some one who could make me a mold besides DelMart. Thank you in advance.

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What exactly are you after?

Why other than Delmart?

Anybody who makes aluminum mold should be able to make one for you.

There was a guy(private individual) here that made me an aluminum 14 or 15 cavity mold about 2 years ago. You can also make your own out of RTV or heat vulcanized silicone. An easy way to make your own heat vulcanized molds would be to buy a jewelry mold frame and sprue formers(about $20), then but 2 alum plates(top and bottem) about $6-7 and then drill a few 5/16 bolt holes and vulvanized the silicone in your oven.

The more info you give the more others can help.

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