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looking for a jig mold

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Hello everyone, I was just referred to this site and I am impressed. Anyway, I am looking for a used mold that will pour 1/100 oz roundhead jigs. If anyone knows anywhere I can get one other than a do-it made coach, I would appreciate the information. Thanks for any help.

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I have 1/80th oz. and 1/100th oz. molds. They are Hilts trout head mold. No collar on jig. You can try Hilts website or watch E-bay. I got both mine off of E-bay. Little tip...if you want to run a larger hook than what the mold calls for..drill out hook eye cavity and also cut a piece of wood the same hgt as the mold when the mold is open and lying flat. This keeps longer hooks stationary better until mold is closed.Just but the pc. of wood up against the bottom of the mold helps keep hook from tipping.

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