thicken paint??????

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If someone replies to add flour, don't listen to them.:lol: Never had that problem, but if I did I think I would leave the lid off for a while to allow the vapors or water in the paint to evaprorate. It won't happen real quickly, probably take several hours, but just watch it closely and see if it begins to thicken up on you. I know every can of paint that I didn't seal the lid on good, or left open for a length of time thickened up on me. Give it a try. Hope I helped ya!

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If it is a water base like C-tex you can 1) add some plain airbrush medium (the paint base) 2) dial down your psi 3) if a mixed color simply add a few more drops of each part of the mix minus water or any other thinning agents.

Or, like George says wait for it to dry out, but you will probably have a clogged brush issue.

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