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g2072    10

I just painted my first baits and put the Devcon 2 ton epoxy on them and put them on my turner. After they had set up I noticed a few thin or very small bare spots where I didn't get much clear. If I want to put another coat of Devcon on do I need to sand or just coat over the first coat.

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FishPork    0

Lightly scuff finish with steel wool or scotchbrite,Make sure to wipe very clean before recoating. The dimples or thin spots are more than likely from oily fingers or some other contaminent.The scuff marks will disapear for the most part.Also a variable for this problem is the dryness of your paint.Some may not agree but as a rule to myself,no matter how excited I get wanting to see the end results of my work I always wait a day after painting to clearcoat.We put a lot of time in these things for a couple of dimples or bubbles to discourage us with our work. Good Luck

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