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Question... just made a few new baits, took one to the lake yesterday. It did great, threw nice everything worked well, but I would like just a little more wobble.Kind of tight now. I have a few more ready for paint and to glue lips in so I cant change angle of lip slot. If I move the line tie toward the body will that increase the wobble or decrease the wobble.? I know that will affect the depth of the bait but these are new type shallow bait and thats not a real big issue for me as of now. Just wondering which way to go with the line tie so I dont have to glue another lip in and waste another bait if it isnt what Im wanting.. Thanks

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If it is a shallow swimming bait, I assume that it is a steep lip angle. The steep angle will give you side to side oscillation or 'waggle'.

You could move the eye further back but I doubt that it will solve the problem. I suspect that the lip is too short. Try temporarily gluing a larger lip over the existing one to see the effect, while your at it, try diferent shapes. If it is a square lip, try rounding the leading edge.

It would be easier for people to help you if we had a picture of the lure, or, if you don't want to give the game away, a more detailed description of the current lip and eye geometry.

Good luck with it and report back your solution, I am very interested.

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