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I have a paasche VL air brush. I have been having problems with it. I am new at air brushing. When you have the needle in it blows out air before you push the trigger down. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestion on how to fix this problem.



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once again if its like an iwata i might be able to help

ok where the hose connects,that part should unscrew from the gun.then on the gun you should take it apart completely.now look down that hole where the trigger is.you shouldnt be able to see through.now take your needle(with the unsharp side)push from where you took off the hose part and push up to where the trigger was.a small cylinder piece should pop out.ut a small amount of vaseline on this and then put it all back together.be sure to tighten the air valve.

Sorry for the unclearness,iots hard to describe and once again thats how my iwata is.

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On the VL, the trigger pushes down on a valve to allow air to enter. So, take the air hose off and look at the connection. You should see a little nut with a slot for a screwdriver. This nut may not be screwed in far enough. If it is in a few turns then I don't think that is the problem, so try this. Unscrew the nut and remove it. BE CAREFUL because it has a spring behind it. The spring may be missing. If it is there, proceed to remove the spring and the little pin valve that it goes around. There is only one more part in there and it is a very small black rubber type washer, it may be missing. You should have a schematic of what I just tried to describe that came with the brush.

Good luck and I hope I was of some help.

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