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Don'ts for Newbies

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Very good, I was just thinking of this same thing.

1. If your Pyrex cup has a chip or little crack in it, throw it out and buy a new one.

2. Don't set Pyrex dish on cold metal or concrete surfaces.

3. Don't use Pyrex on hot plate.

4. Don't mix water base scents with plastic.

5. Don't use floating bubbles without using a mask.

6. Use good ventilation when pouring in confined areas.

7. Be careful of plastic injectors or anything that puts 350 degree plastic under pressure.

8. Were safety glasses when pouring baits, it can save an eye.

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great idea. I would consider myself a "Newbie" still. Learning alot from you guys but it never hurts to reinterate these safety tips.

If it wouldnt have been for this forum when I microwaved plastics to try to make a tube I would have put that cup on cold wood and I'm sure it would have broke.

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Alot of the links are not working.When starting out on first pour,the plastic needs to be shaken first?Is there a step by step page somewhere that will help this first timer?

Any advice will be much,much appreciated!



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Last time I looked, Del had step by step directions posted in the forum on his website - del-mart.com . Depending on who's plastic you're using you may want to stir it rather than shake it. I used to use Calhaun plastic and had to use a paint stirrer on my drill to mix it. If you shake it you tend to get lots of bubbles in the plastic when you heat it. I shake the MF plastic that without any problems though. I guess it's just the nature of the beast.


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Don't heat lead outside if there is a chance that a drop of moisture could fall into the pot ....... it WILL cause an explosion of 600 degree lead that will cause a scar ........ and if that's all ........ thank your God profusely ....... saw it happen ......... luckily only a small scar on a friend ........ Thank you God ......

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