Looking for lead crankbait weight.

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Scott23    10

I can't seem to find little lead weights that alot of people use in there homemade crankbaits with the hook eye in them. Some weights have rattles in them and they're made to be inserted into the bottom of the crankbait. Any info would be appriceated. Thanks

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cheesehead    0


Most of us make our own weights. There are a number of options available some are:

egg sinkers and stainless steel cotter pins

eggs sinkers and home bent wires

simple split shot crimped on a wire would also work.

I use a bottom bouncer mold and pour the lead without the wire.

others have made their own molds from bondo. use the search function and you will find a number of options and ideas.

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longball    6

If you have a roofing supply company close you can buy lead sheets in 5 lb rolls. I recall them being cheaper than trying to buy lead from a specialty shop. It cuts with scissors, it is used for pipe flashing on a asphalt roof. Lowes might have it if you go to the roofing section and ask for lead flashing. Or go on top of a building with a built up roof and remove their pipe flashing, when their roof leaks tell me and I will send a crew. Yes, I run a roofing company.

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