PC board Suppliers?

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You should try your local electronics shop. I'm not talking radio's and TV's, a proper electronics components shop. They usually have tons of it.

The usual stuff is copper clad, but they also sell blank boards. The same shop will sell etching solution for dissolving the copper if you want clean boards, but if you are painting them why bother. A quick buff with the dremel, a coat of clear and you have a nice copper reflector.

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You can buy a full 4'x8' sheet from manufacturers but most hobbyists don't want a lifetime supply. carries a yellow G-10/FR4 board and a yellowish green G-11 board in various thicknesses sized 12"x12". The G-11 is a little stiffer, tougher and costlier than G-10, which is the standard lip material. If you want white G-10, you can get it from in 9"x12" boards. Most other sources I see for board only carry copper clad stuff for PCB construction. Plain circuit board in small sizes is hard to find online, IMO. BTW, circuit board uses various substrates including fiberglass, linen, carbon fiber and other stuff, which determines its color. All are waterproof and have similar performance characteristics for the particular type, e.g. G-10.

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