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Dear Princess; you might get more useful info if you indicated where you are starting; bare balsa, existing bait or? Also, indicate how you plan to clear coat.

Most are using createx (water base paint) although many other options. Lots of info on this in various threads over the last 3mo. I like Smith paints and actually use a variety of water based acrylics. some guys are using lacquers and doing beautiful work; hold your breath while doing this.

Good luck

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The simplest and safest paint is water based acrylic latex. Createx brand is formulated for airbrushes and is widely available. You just put it in the brush and fire away. Thin with water if needed. Any acrylic formulated for airbrushes usually works equally well. You can also use any acrylic paint including the "hobby acrylics" that are sold in 2 ounce bottles. These paints are cheaper and come in a wider array of colors. Once they're on the crankbait, there is no difference between them and more expensive paints. I guess even latex house paint will work if thinned. The main limitation with hobby acrylics is they often contain larger particles that can occasionally clog an airbrush. This isn't much of a problem with the typical Paasche VL or Badger brand brushes but can be an issue if you use a detailer's brush like an Iwata HP.

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