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Shad Rap Modifications?

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I want to try to get a # 7 shad rap to do few things that I am not sure it is capable of.

First, I am thinking it needs more weight to make it suspend and possibly run a bit deeper. I want to add some weight, but I am not sure where to drill or how much weight to add. I would like it to suspend in 45 - 50 degree water. I definately don't want to kill the tight wiggle of this fish catcher.

Next, what can I do to make this lure cast better. Usually it will cartwheel if I am casting into any wind at all, causing a backlash. Will adding extra weight make it fly true, gain casting distance and get me a suspending lure? Maybe it is just the nature of the lure to fly horribly, but I am not sure about that.

Thanks for any input, you guys are the best.

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Hey basssj, there are several things you can do to a #7 shad rap. I have poured lead and used split shot in the sides, but the best I have found is take a 3/16" diameter icepick and poke a hole in line with the front hook hanger and the bottom edge of the lip. You want to keep it as low as possible. You should feel the lead already there with the icepick, that way you can slide right above it. If you get the hole to high the bait will have a wide rolling action and it will not dive as deep and may not run correctly either. Make sure the hole is perfectly straight, if it is crooked, your bait may not run right and probably can't be tuned. If you try to drill the bait, you stand a good chance of damaging the the thru-wire or the existing lead. You should get some 3/16" x 3/8" steel dowel pins. they fit perfect. Then add a thin coat of Devcon and this bait will suspend in 50-52 degree water with the same killer action. I have modified literally hundreds of shad raps, so I hope this helps. These weighted shad raps have won many tournaments on my home lakes of Hartwell, Russell, Keowee, and Clarks Hill. Good luck and let us know how they turn out for you. I ruined a bunch before I started getting them right.

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thanks for the reply. Let me make sure I understand, the hole should be started from the side of the bait and come out exactly at the same place on the opposite side of the bait? The position of the hole should be over the front hook hanger and as low as possible. Am I understanding you correctly?

I take it that I can modify the #9 rap this way as well?

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:nuhuh: re-read what was posted. under the lip and in line with line tie. go get a clear shad rap and you will see where the existing weight is. use this for reference because the glass shad raps may be weighted a bit differently, but it will give you an idea

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