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In the complete book of tackle making?

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I dont' own the book but have read it. If my memory serves me he mentions something about boiling wood bodies in linseed oil to seal them. Has anybody who owns or recently read the remember this? Any help clearing this up would be greatly appreciated. I'm kind of riding the fence on ways to treat the wood before painting. I know there has to be a silverbullet no fail way of treating the bodies.

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I've never read that book, but I believe what you may have read referred to soaking the body in boiled linseed oil. Many builders of salt water lures use this method.

Linseed oil can be purchased in either raw or boiled form. Boiled is prefered because it dries faster than raw. However even using boiled linseed oil, the body must be left to dry a week or more before painting.

No matter what, DO NOT ATTEMPT TO BOIL LINSEED OIL YOURSELF! The stuff is extremely flammable. In fact, any rags used with it should be stored in a can of water before disposal to prevent spontaneous combustion.

Hope this helps

da Count

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