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Frankly there's a lot of categories of lipless baits, glider, vibe, jerk, pencil just to list a few. Being a crank and lipless would mean designs like Worden quikfish, flatfish and a few other which are actually just lip combined with the body or in the case of vibe baits they are the top front part of the lure. Each have their different approach. Unless you're more specific, I think it would be too much info to cover.

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I would love to have a balsa "Trap" style lipless. Something with a fairly slow sink rate and no rattles.

This type of lipless works great in clear, shallow situations - and they seem to be really hard to find.

(here's my fav....Air Viper Risebacker - sound-less model.)


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I produced this lure as a jerkbait originaly but as it turned out it is far more suited to cranking. It has an action just like the old creek chub pikey and is a deadly lure in the top 2' of water and I never jerk this bait. It can be fished super slow and the Northern pike here in the UK just cannot resist this one. It is quite a large lure at 8" and I do not know wether it's characteristics would change if made from balsa or another wood as I have only so far used Beech.

I could email you a Jpeg template if you wish ?



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