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adding a slight hue of color to devcon top coat

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What are your guy's thoughts on appling just a tiny touch of color to the devon top coat. Not to be used as a primary color Just a faint hue over the existing pattern. Kind if an irredecent effect. Will the Devcon hold color? If it does hold color will it wash off at the lake. Would apple barrel work for this. I was even thinking of adding a half drop of lurecraft worm coloring. Let me know what you guys think about this.

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I've used a few drops of black blade dip made by Lake Hawk in a few of my Devcon topcoats over clear baits to give them a smoke-like effect...It did not seem to effect the integrity of the Devcon...However, all of those experimentals have been lost or repainted since...I was thinking about using the same thing in red for a faint candyapple effect...


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