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barry batchelor

source of aluminum tape?

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I finally found some last weekend. I'm in Sweden so the store name won't be much use to you (Clas Ohlson), but it is a large DIY store and the tape was hidden on a bottom shelf in the wrong section.

It's the sort of thing that they don't know where to keep. You need to ask and hope you get experienced help.

The stuff I bought was sticky back, thin but very durable. It burnished on to the lure very well with excellent adhesion. It came on a 50mm wide 5 metre roll but looks like it only holds about a metre. Enough to keep me busy for a while.

Good luck with your search.

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Foiling with the furnace tape requires a little bit of practice but not much really.

Peel the backing, then hold the ends and very slightly stretch the foil to remove the fine lines created when you remove the backing.

Place the tape on the lure. Carefully smooth it using your thumb, starting in the middle of the tape out to the edges of the bait.

Finally smooth it over the top and bottom of the bait and trim the excess right down the middle of the back and then the bottom using a razor knife. I use an Xacto knife, but any razor knife will do.

Use the smooth side of a pencil or permanent marker to burnish any small wrinkles remaining on the top and bottom near the seams.

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I know, I shouldn't give up so quick.

I have endless patience for prototyping and development work, but after five minutes of chasing creases around the bend, the lure's in the bin and I'm in the bar.

I promise I'll practise some more.

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Foil can be difficult to apply to round tapering baits.

As to the application, when after you push it down in the middle with your thumb and begin to roll it over the round edges, try working from the nose to the tail of the lure body, very slightly stretching the foil as you go. But don't try to roll it all the way over the top (or bottom) of the bait all at once.

Instead roll and stretch it from nose to tail, then go back from tail to nose, each time stretching it just a little bit.

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