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Working with maple for gliders

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#1 Westy



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Posted 15 February 2007 - 06:02 PM

I posted this on another site but I hope I can get some help. About a year ago I thought I would switch up the gliders I make from basswood to maple. However no matter what I did then every lure I made in maple would balance well but the minute I got it in the water and started to tap it to get into rhythm it would just come straight at me - kind of like having a 8" Rattle Trap :mad: . So I shelved that project. Over the last couple of days I thought I would give it another shot with a different bait design I was working on. Same deal - the bait balances perfectly but when I take it out in the water to test it has no action at all. Are there tricks to working with maple that I wouldn't know since I have generally worked with basswood or cedar in the past? Any advice would be appreciated - here's a pic and some stats:

Bait is 8" long with two lead holes and is made of 3/4" maple.
The bait comes with three Mustad 3/0 trebles. First hook is located 1 5/8" from nose of the bait, second is 3" from rear of the bait, and last hook is in the tail;
First lead hole is 7/16" wide, 1" deep, and is located 2" from the nose of the bait.
Second lead hole is 7/16" wide, 5/8" deep and is located 2" from the rear of the bait.


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#2 jerkbait



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Posted 16 February 2007 - 09:23 AM

Had the same problem with dense woods. Move your weights out to the extreme ends of the bait and try it. Fixed the problem for me on a divani style glider that I make. I even had to start casting larger diameter and thus shorter lead cylinders to get it as close to the tail as I wanted. Hope it helps. Riverman was the one who clued me to it.

#3 mark berrisford

mark berrisford


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Posted 16 February 2007 - 10:31 AM

being from europe i can't give you any tip's on which wood to try i've found lighter wood produces a nice lively bait but it can be a pain to weight due to the amount of lead needed and dense wood is easy to weight but it produces a stunted action so for your long term sanity i'd get another wood