What is the best Iwata to get?

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Dweller    10

What is the best Iwata to get for all around? I have a Paasche that I can base coat with. I need something more for detail work. I use Cretex paints. Which is better gravity feed or siphon feed? I am gettting ready to purchase one this week. I have heard pros and cons on both.

Thanks for the help.

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rjbass    1

I have a Custom Micron SB. It is without a doubt the best airbrush for detail that I have seen and I have used many. It is a gravity feed with a side cup so you can see over the top of the brush easily. Simple to clean and adjust. Here is a site where you can see all the different ones at an expensive but good price for these brushes.



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scoop10    1

If you're going to spend this much money and buy one of the Microns, you'll probably want to buy the C. Going with a needle under .20 can mean problems with paint pick up unless it is properly diluted.

Of course, this is only what I've heard :) ... as I've never spent this kind of money on an airbrush. Doesn't mean I won't one day.

I have an Eclipse BCS, which is a nice gun, but I'd doubt that it is much better for detail than your Paasche.

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