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kbhere one of the guys said to cut a 2x4 with a v groove in it lay bait and then cut slot . havent tryed it yet but iam going to .i cut my bill slots when lure is still in a square block on band saw and then cut out one side of profile and lake the two pcs. and re glue them to gether again just enough to hold them to gether and then cut on band saw the other profile as you would in making band saw boxes or candalerbo table leg and then finish with a sander and hand sand i wish i could get more rattles in my wood baits fishing here in stained water i think it helps i know drill hole in back and insert a glass rattle wish it was louder kb

looking at the lures in jans they were $1.80 in balsa no bill cut in netcraft they were $2.29 with a bill cut i bought a couple of each so i can make some jigs. does anyone of you guys us a lathe duplicator to make lures

i have a full size lathe and also a mini lathe think i will buy a duplicator attachment and play with that kb

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we run 2 lathe duplicaters. they work just fine. if i had the coin i would buy a cnc,, but im just a poor baitmaker. im sure theres a few others here also.

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