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Hello all, I'm new to, but have been making my own lures from balsa, basswood, poplar for some time. I've recently decided to try my hand at casting with rtv silicon molds and liquid plastics, but I have a few questions that I hope some of you guy's might be able to answer for me. I'm using Smooth-On's Mold Max 30 for my molds. It looks as if my mold has cured quite well. I'm now ready to cast my first lure in liquid plastic.

1. Should I cast with clear or white plastic? Are there any advantages to casting with white liquid plastics? When I carve my lures from wood my first coat of paint is almost always a base coat of white. Will casting with white plastic eliminate the need for a white base coat?

2. What grit sand paper should I use to buff out small imperfections like extra plastic from the sprew vents?

3. Do I need to sand the plastic before I paint? I'm using a badger 175 with acrylics.

I just thought I would ask a few questions before I spend the money to purchase any more casting material.

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