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If you buy some wire you can bend your own.

Take a block of wood, like a 10 inch piece of 2x4 and hammer two nails into it just far enough apart that the wire fits in between the nails.

Slip the wire between the nails and you have a great wire bender.

Experiment by trying to duplicate the lip wire shapes you see on commercially sold bait. Its easy and you'll be making your own line tie wires in no time.

Doing it yourself allows you to make a variety of different types and you can also use different wire strenghts and diameters.

I use spinner bait wire for the line ties on musky baits.

I'd recommend you buy only stainless steel wire or something similar. Rust and corrosion are your enemies.:)

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I use Stainless Steel cotter pins. They are already bent with the eye for the line tie, all you have to do is bend them underneath the lip. Be certain to get the cotter pin diameter the same as the hole in the lip. Also the length of the pin is important, especially if you are going to bury the pin into the lip slot. I have never had a problem with strength or durability. Besides, they don't rust either.....:yay:



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I use soft brass or soft stainless steel wire for line ties because you can shape it neatly and accurately without the huge amounts of force required by hard stainless steel. Cut to length, bend it double over the right sized nail or drill bit and, holding the ends in a pair of visegrips, twist them until you have a neat compact screw eye. .032" ss or .040 brass wire works well for bass baits and is durable enough that you won't have problems with the line tie bending or distorting under fishing pressure. A pair of wire bending pliers makes wire bending 100% easier and more accurate.

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