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Since in my country I don't have Devcon, NU LUSTRE, or other epoxy based solutions I am interested in finding a substitute. I used to work with laquer for boats but if you put 4-5 layers it seems to be too soft. Now I use nitro spray laquer , I think it's for cars and it is a relative good choise. I am trying to find a metod similar with this one used as a sealer:


Is there someone who tried dissolving incolor plastics in laquer thinner and used this mix as a topcoat? THX :worship:

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Hey Pikeman:

Have you tried Polymer Products from Ontario California? I use their Max Seal water based polyurethane clearcoat on all my lures, and it is terrific stuff!!! It is a single stage hybrid, no mixing and is very easy to use. The results are amazing. They have many other products as well, that you maybe be familar with, coming from a boat refinishing background. Give them a try at www.polymercompositesinc.com or phone (909) 673-1625. Tell them Oldthunder from EagleLures sent you.

If the link doesn't come thru PM me, and I'll send it to you.



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I am using acrylics :) . thx oldthunder but i am from Romania so it is far far away :), only if they have a representance in Europe ;)

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I have been testing with Propionate/plastic dip dissolved in acetone and it is working great as a sealer, primer, and topcoat.

For a balsa sealer I do the first soak for about 3-8 hours and it is amazing how deep it can penetrate the wood.

Used as a primer/basecoat for painting. I have been using pearl white coloring for soft plastics. I think I have just found a better pigment to use but haven't tested it yet.

As a topcoat. The final dip and just the surface will sometimes will have a cloudy/whitish haze. This is easy to resolve with a cotton buffing wheel in the Dremel and it buffs to a very nice shine once cured.

Here are some pics of my test.

The pearl basecoat/primer on the top bait has been buffed and the bottom one hasn't. The red piece of balsa has been buffed on half of it (a couple more dips and it will be perfectly smooth). The bream pattern has about 4 techniques going on with it but the topcoat is Propionate/plastic dip.







I hope to open a new thread on this topic after I do a few test with some new pigment used for auto paint.

If there are other ideas on ways to use the Propionate I would love to hear them.

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Amazing work, I cannot wait to use mine. I received it but havent had a chance to use it (it is a good thing though I have been fishing!!!). I will let you know how it goes when I use it.


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