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Hello Fellow TU folks,

I have attached a photo, hopefully, to this thread showing all the crankbaits that I have had in a box for at least a year. I finally got around to seperating them. It is amazing how all those hooks get together and will not come apart. Anyhow here is the question. I do like the way some of these baits move however I do not like the colors. How can I remove the existing paint job and not mess up the plastic? Thanks for all the responses.


Rude Z20

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Still no photo. After trying a number of solvent stripping methods on plastic baits, I didn't like the mess and found they sometimes damaged the plastic. Any chemical that will strip paint off of a molded plastic bait will also cloud its bill. Now I just shave old paint off with a sharp knife and sand it with 400 grit paper to smooth any nicks. On some baits, you can insert a sharp thin knife under the finish and peel most of it off. It's different for each bait. Bouyant baits often don't need old finish removed to retain their action. For those, light sanding to give the surface some "tooth" so the new finish will adhere is fine. For suspending baits or others whose weight is critical, all finish should be removed. The final effect you want on plastic baits is a smooth surface and it doesn't much matter how you get there. Although I refinish some of my baits, I tend to be very conservative about messing with them. I don't change a single thing on a great catching bait unless it breaks or the fish stop liking it!

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