Using rod-building epoxies on hard baits?

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fatfingers    79

Has anyone tried using the same epoxies that the rod builders use?

It would seem like the stuff should hold up as well or better but I've never tried it.

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rjbass    1


I have only tried Flexcoat as I had heard it was really good. Here are the problems I had.....

You have to mix it for two minutes and it has to be very exact or it will remain sticky. It is not near as hard as devcon or as glossy. It takes several days to get hard enough to fish. It may be allright for bass, but for toothy fish it will not stand up. I fish mainly muskys and they basically ruined all my baits with Flexcoat. I had problems with some baits getting water under the topcoat and I talked to Skeeter about this and I think it was a combination of the Flexcoat and my sanding sealer. At any rate, I have never had this problem with Devcon, not once. So to make a long story short, I am a Devcon advocate until I find something better. I am like alot of us always trying to find something better and stronger or easier, but I have tried just about everything out there and haven't come across anything yet.


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BobP    807

I think Flexcoat tends to yellow more than Devcon so stopped using it. I use U-40 Rod Bond paste epoxy quite often to glue in bills, especially when replacing a bill where the new slot is larger than the new bill material. Rod Bond paste won't run and it gives you plenty of time to adjust things (several hours). It's plenty tough when cured. The slow cure time lets me mix a batch and work for a couple of hours installing hardware and bills without worrying that my epoxy is getting hard. It begins to gel at about 4 hrs and nominal cure time is 24 hrs.

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