Its gettin' crazy in here...

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fatfingers    80


I've got 32 baits ready for paint.

Tigger's going to hook me up with a fan for the paint booth I built and I'm going to have a ball!

I've been throwing sawdust in the basement, sanding, sealing, carving, putting in a few screw eyes, cutting lips, slingin' foil, and otherwise getting ready for the coming musky season.

I love this country.

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woodieb8    130

yepper it gets worse. i know a guy with a 3 legged table. he ran out of wood one day.

have fun thats the way it should be

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snooterfish    10

at least you know what direction you are headed in, me i have about 40 crankbait bodies and another 30 or more to re do and i cannot get no paint !!!!!!!!!!!! :flame: We cannot mail, afraid of "freezing" i am about ready to go stir crazy!!!!!!!!:nono: the wife said build a few rods to pass the time. too many rods now and not enough reels to go with'em

i am anxious to see some of the lures you finish, you do great work.

i painted my first on last night and now it's a sanded body ready for another base coat. i guess asa you old timmersw say, re-do and practice!!


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