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Further to an earlier post in which I proposed the creation of a library of lip and body profiles.

I have completed research into the idea and concluded that body shapes are too personalised to individual designers to catalogue.

The lip, however, could be catalogued, but the variations in length width and body width brought the number of lips to 200,000. This is obviously not a realistic proposition.

A viable solution is a 'lip service' that I will provide FREE for TU members, especially designed for those who do not have access to computer aided design or any other means of easily drawing lip templates.

If you e-mail me a photo of a hand drawn sketch of the lip you require with the length, max width and root (body) width. I will draw the lip and e-mail you a pdf file containing a page of lips which can be printed and spray glued onto the lip material as templates. Various sizes may be ordered for comparison with no problem.

The lips will be added to a library of lips (no names) which will be made available to all members. The library will be posted when sufficient lips are collected. So far about a dozen lip shapes have been drawn covering a range of fan, round and coffin shapes. Should you require the lip to be kept secret, e-mail me to make alternate arrangements.

PM me or e-mail if you require any further information.


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Style #5 and #19 on the link that Landor listed are particularly useful and universal lip styles.

I'd love to have those with the center line and the line that rofish mentioned which allows you to either extend the lip or make it a bit shorter.

I think your idea of a library is a great idea, Vman.

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