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BC1    10


Awesome site

I have become proficient in making Spinnerbaits and chatter style baits..

I am now in the hunt for producing large 4" or 5" topwater wooden plugs in a true shad pattern...Does anyone know of any pics on here where I can get an idea? I am ot worried about the paint yet..Just want to know what type of wood I can readily get and how to attach the hooks...No bill...just a prop on the front and the back..But shad pattern and large..A little smaller than your hand (a small hand)

Thanks in advance

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BobP    805

I get basswood from www.nationalbalsa.com . It has no significant grain and is nice to cut and sand. Of course, a trip to the nearest home center will score some redwood, cedar or pine. Balsa is much more bouyant and is easily shaped (maybe too easy!) but soft balsa requires through-wire construction and epoxy reinforcement to be durable. So it depends on how bouyant you want the bait and what construction techniques you want to use.

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Jason    0

I get my basswod in blocks from A.C. Moore or Micheals craft stores. They have a 40% coupon in the Sunday paper every week. That helps keep the cost down.

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