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kbkindle    0

kb here having good luck with a lacquer sandable primer made by plastic-coat auto body lacquer primer in a aresol can from wall mart. since you cant buy the old type lacquer primer. there is not much primer in a rattle can. just cut out about 20 flat sided cedar different styles cranks and useing a rattle can is to darn slow i prime my lures at least two times want to get them as good as i can before paint any great ideas out there. wish i would have saved a gal of the old dupont lac. primer #131 is there any co overseas where you can buy the old lac primerskb

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woodieb8    129

theres a company in canada windsor ontario. its called mcdonald and white paint and varnish. they make sanding sealers and white lacquer primers. they also have a complete line on all based paints, waters, acrylics lacquers and epoxies.. a gallon of white lacquer primers is in the 40 can dollar range. we use their products and have excellent results. if intrested pm me i will get the needed ph. nu,s

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